i want bianca del rio to father my children


re to the nude photo scandals:

where exactly are privacy lines drawn? for instance if a woman like Dita (since she is the primary focus of this blog) had her personally taken nude photos leaked, would her privacy rights be called into question as well or would it be no big deal because of her profession? After all, Dita has one of the most famous and instantly recognizable bodies/figures in the world. Would everyone be jumping to her defense as well?

of course people would NOT deffend dita so much but it’s so different like jlaw for example she appeared on a few movies almost naked or something and that’s ok but her PRIVATE photos….that is not okay
if dita had her private photos leaked, it would not be okay. it doesn’t matter if “everyone already saw her naked, anyways”, it’s still privacy invasion. and i am 109,34% sure most people wouldn’t get this. they’d just be like “so what, she already has like porn videos and stuff, no big deal”, because, since she already is a nudity icon, the leaked photos and privacy invasion are not problematized. because she is famous, and more than that, famous for her body. which is naked almost all the time.

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Dita Von Teese for Peach John